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Brief History of (PLF)

 Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) is the largest National Trade Unions Center in Pakistan and its  offices are all over the Country with an affiliate of 400 Unions and membership more than 7,90000 in all Public and Private Sectors. Head Office at Lahore Pakistan.

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) was founded in 1974 by Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian.(PLF) is Registered with National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC) Ministry of Labour Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and affiliated with World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)(PLF) is the only National Federation in Pakistan where there is a Women as Chairperson of (PLF) Mrs Atia Saleem and Ms Rizwana Yasmin Advocate as Senior Vice President  from 1995 to date.

Membership is open to all Trade Unions/Associations and Industry wise Federation irrespective of Race, Sex or Religion.

Trade Unions/Federations and Associations from Pakistan Railways, Agricultural, Forestry, Housing, Water & Power, Aviation Transport, Postal and Telegraph, Telecommunication, Textile, Leather and Garments Workers, Metal Workers, Graphic Workers and Newspapers Employees, Construction and Building Workers, Brick Kiln, Community Services Petroleum, Chemical and Pharmaceutical workers, workers of Utility Store Corporation, Hotel and Restaurant, Rural Workers, Banking Employees/Workers, Para medical staff and Employees of different private and public Sectors are affiliated with the Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF).

The supreme body of the (PLF) is the General Council, which meet twice in a year. The Executive Board meets three times in a year. The (PLF) hold a National convention every year The 30th Annual Convention will be held from 5th to 7th September, 2011.

The Aims and Functions of PLF are under:-

  1. To protect the Basic Rights of the working class through out country irrespective of their Affiliation
  2. To mobilize and organize the workers and peasants/Rural Workers to take an active part in the tasks of economic and social development of the country.
  3. To establish cordial relations between the Workers, Employer and Government for the Industrial Peace and Industrial revolution in the country.

The duty of the (PLF) officials is to protect the Legitimate Rights and interest of the workers and peasants as well as the low paid employees all over the country.

(PLF) is also struggling for better wages/Remuneration and old age benefits, better collective bargaining and to safe the workers from the hazards of occupational safety and health at the workplace. At present the most important task of (PLF) is to ensure the basic livelihood of workers laid off from different departments and from different Industries due to the privatization and help them obtain reemployment. (PLF) is constantly engaged in defending workers Basic Rights and manage their affairs according to law and conducting their work independently in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan.

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) is also working for the elimination of Forced Child Labour through free education.

PLF is also working to protect the workers from HIV-AIDs.

(PLF) is also taking an active part in the Legislation and Policies and work hard to bring about a Legal system to promote workers Rights to work their democratic rights and the rights and interest of the Trade Unions.

(PLF) is also providing free education to the workers to increase their legal awareness and to build their capacity for the  activities and for defend their rights and interests (PLF) raised the working class voice for bringing about a  positive change in the best interest of the  working class.

(PLF) has Cordial Relations with the International Organization on the principal of independence and strives to establish and develop Friendly Relations with Trade Union Organization on Global Level on the Principle of equality and mutual respect.

Education for All: Practical Solidarity with Working Children:

We believe that Education is the best instrument for the Development and Peace and it enhances human power. In Pakistan due to poverty and unemployment the workers are unable to send their children to school and for their survival they have to send their children to workshop, small restaurant and carpet industries.

In March, 1992 the Executive Board of (PLF) has decided in its meeting to Establish Free Education Institution in all over the country. The first institute was establish on 30th March, 1992 at Pak Nagar Lahore with 32 working children and now 350 children are getting free education. We are thankful to Mr. Peter A. Newns, President World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) and Director ILO Office for Pakistan and affiliated Trade Unions of (PLF) for their support. Now we have 6 other institutions two in Sindh and One in Baluchistan and establishing ACFTU/PLF  Free Educational Institution in Mahmood Kot for the Children of Flood effected Peoples and The Children of Railway Employees .

Free Vocational Training Institute for Women:

At present 16 Free Vocational Training Institute are providing Free Vocational Training Sewing, Kniting, Embroidery and until now more than 9 hundred women has completed their training and work independently for the survival of their family.

PLF HIV/AIDs Centre:

A full fledged PLF HIV-AIDs centre is working under the Control of Waheed Ahmad Ch. as Director of the Center and until now more than 250 seminars have been held in all over the country with the Assistance of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) and International Labour Organization (ILO).

Thousands Workers looses their jobs due toThe Forceable Retirement Ordinance 2000:

On the demand of the (PLF) and other Federation the President of Pakistan His Excellency Mr Asif Ali Zardari with draw the Ordinance and issue the orders to reinstate the  Thousand of workers from different Public and Private Organization who were dismissed  due to this Black Law 

Violation of the ILO Convention 87 & 98 as well as violation of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 regarding the Freedom of Association:-

To Ban the Trade Union Activities in the following Institution. The Employees of the Banks and Financial Institutions of Pakistan could not take part in Trade Union Activities in their Institution according to Act 27-B..Due To Ban on The Trade Union activities in Pakistan Railways by MOD (Ministry of Defense) The Workers were excluded to take part in Trade Union by the  virtue of section 1(4) of the IRO Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, Pakistan Mint Airport Employees.

On 15th May the Ministry of Labour organized a Tripartite Meeting and invited a Delegation of (PLF)The (PLF) delegation participated and presented a demand by Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General (PLF) to restore the Trade Unions activities in Pakistan Railways and in the  Banks His. Excellency Syed Khrushid Shah Federal Minister for Labour promise to remove the Ban at the earliest.

(PLF) Human Rights Center

The concept of a Human Being as having Universal Rights irrespective of his ethnicity, Nationality, Gender or sexual orientation. The General Assembly of United Nation adopted United Nation Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December,1948 (PLF) is committed to this adoption of the Universal Rights of the Human being in Pakistan

The  Executive Board of (PLF) shall appoint the following committees for the smooth running of the Federation work Each Committee have Chairman and Secretary and presented their Report to The Executive Board  every month  

  1. Organizing Committee (women’s) (Youth)
  2. Credentials Committee
  3. Education Committee
  4. Trade Union Rights Committee
  5. Legal  Committee

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)  is committed to eliminate Child Labor, it is pursuing a policy of gradual elimination of all forms of child labor and immediate elimination of the hazardous and exploitative forms of child labor under ILO’s International Program for Elimination of Child Labor.

PLF/WAWO  Free Educational institutions are providing Free Education to the working Children in all over the Country. Children are given Books, Uniform , Shoes. WAWO  is also helping the (PLF) for the  rehabilitation of ex bonded child laborer. According to the Article 17 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan states:- ”Every citizen shall have the right to form associations or unions, t ILO core conventions, only No.138 on the Minimum Age has not been ratified by Pakistan. However various laws for instance the Industrial Relations Ordinance of  2002,Industrial Relations Act,2008, the Banking Companies Ordinance of 1962, the Civil Servants Act (CSA) of 1973 and the Essential Services Maintenance Act of 1952, have provisions that place certain restrictions on the independent functioning of Labor Unions.  In its Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights (various issues), the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has documented a number of cases in which the authorities and Employers have consistently violated workers’ rights. These violations have included union busting, denial of the right to form or belong to unions, curtailment of the right to strike, victimization of union leaders, denial of collective bargaining, arrests and torture of union leaders, suspension or banning of union activities and rejection of negotiations.



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