Youth Wing

Welcome to Pakistan Labour Federation.



The purpose of youth wing is to gather young on a Plate Form, where they feel free to express themselves the youth wing share their opinion and ideas on Educational, Economic and Social Cultural Issues. They are trained to make a collective efforts to resolve their problems. The main issues faced by youth are:-

-  Lack of Educational Facilities.

-  Lack of awareness

-  No job opportunity

The Intention of this youth wing is to create awareness about Trade Union Economic, Social Cultural Issues of the Society and to discover leadership qualities in youth further their capacity will be built to raise their strapping voice against violence on them.
Youth Wing instgates Seminars and issue based regular meetings to highlight youth issues.

Organizational Structure of Youth Wing of  PLF

President :                    Waheed Ahmad Ch. Advocate
Senior Vice President : Muhammad Kashif
Vice President :           Tayyab Nazir
Vice President :           Shoaib Ahmad
General Secretary :      Moaz Ahmad
Joint Secretary :            Muhammad Imran
Finance Secretary :      Sohaib Ahmad
Information Secretary : Nasir Rehman
Office Secretary :         Muhammad Bilal

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