Seminar 13 March 2011

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Report about the One Day National Seminar on the Right of Chhildren and the Role of Trade Unions 0n 13th March,2011 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Organized  National Seminar on the Children Basic Rights and the Role of Trade Unions at Lahore on 13th March,2011 with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO)100 Trade Unions representatives from all over the Country including Senior Labour Leaders attended this National Seminar. The Chairperson (PLF) Mrs Atia Saleem welcome the participants and Said that Millions of Children are denied the Right to enjoy their childhood as a result of conflict that expose them to violence and rob them of their innocence and said to stressing the need to ensure that children grow up in safety and Trade Union should play their role effectively.

She said that (PLF) has been working for the rights of these Children’s. The Affiliates of PLF in different cities organized themselves under the banner of (PLF) for the Elimination of Forced Child Labour, social protection. She said that, The (PLF)    has established Freed Educational Institutions in different localities of different cities of Pakistan.

Ms Rizwana Yasmem Advocate Senior Vice President (PLF) suggested an action point for the PLF to activate to its affiliates to check bonded Labour. He also requested the Government ti direct the Ministry of Labour to enforce a ban on child Labour by adding it to the schedule of banned occupations under the Employment of Children Act 1991

Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor appreciating the Role of UNICEF for the protecting Children affected by conflicts He said that (PLF) research looking at the reason for Child Labour and demanded the Government to provide the Employment opportunities to the parents in different public and private sectors for the elimination of Child Labour.He told the participants that in 2010 PLF provided to 150 Juveniles and Women offenders. The highest number of cases were indentifed in Punjab, followed by Khyber pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan.

Haji Muhammad saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General (PLF) (WAWO) said that , More than 80% of workers and their children were engaged in the informal economy, and the worst sufferers were women workers who worked mostly at home. He said that no concrete steps were taken by the Government to implement the ILO Convention on the Right of Child as well as UN convention of the Rights of Child

He said that Many workers, especially union leaders, had been sacked from their jobs; the Government had moreover cut subsidies from social sectors, and many factories had been closed down due to the growth of the informal economy, which had been driven by these policies. He said that working women continue to face discrimination in the world of work, and  continue to face discrimination in the formal and informal economy with growing number in the latter as earn some extra income

Muhammad Amin Bhatti explained the reasons for the increasing the Child Labour in detail, and said that the Trade Union can play very positive role for the elimination of Child Labour He said that these women are working  for 12 to 14 hours, but were paid only 2 to 3 thousand per month; wages . He ensured that the  PLF would continue its struggle for the elimination of Child Labour.

Main Khalid Mahmood Said that it is the duty of the Government to protect the basic Rights of Women workers in informal sector He appreciated Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) for holding this National Seminar on the issue of Child Labour.

Mrs Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing  remarked that Globalization policies and the World Trade Organization (WTO) have created a crisis for workers in all over the World including Pakistan as a result of these policies, worldwide competition had converted many sectors into informal sectors.

Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretary General urged the Government to show their commitment on the Universal Children’s day and come up with effective steps for improving the state of Child Rights in the Country instead of empty gestures

Malik Muhammad Yousaf also spoke on the occasion.

Main Muhammad Ayub Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan ensured their full support to the Trade Unions and NGO,s for the elimination of Forced Child Labour

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General
Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)


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