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Report about the PLF/WFTU one Day National Seminar
0n 3rd October,2011 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan.

On the occasion of  the 3rd October,2011 WFTU International Action Day Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) organized one Day National Seminar at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan on Freedom of Association and ILO Convention,87 & 98 and the Role of Trade Unions. 200 participants including 5o womenís were attended this Seminar. Mrs Fazia Malik Member Parliament presided. Honorable Mr Naveed Choudhry Ad visor to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the Chief Guest.

Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) welcomed the participants and Honorable Guest and said that World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) is witnessing a worldwide crisis of capitalism and on the following demands Public Social Security for All, Collective Bargaining, Trade Union and Democratic Freedom,5 Days working Week. .He said that The people not only the Asian but also the Workers of the European Countries are  demanding  an end to cuts in public education, health care, youth programmes and housing subsidies. And they all are asking  the  question that  "Who will solve the problem of the  Economical/Financial crisis in the World. He said that Everyone has to realize is that we, as a cluster of Nations, face an enormous demand for resources at home, particularly in the realm of (poverty reduction),He said that crises has opened up new space for discrimination at work" This causes an incredible amount of tension between allocating money to multilateral institutions for the sake of Global stability and meeting stability at home. As a member of WFTU, we are witnessing a worldwide crisis of capitalism, and the type of Global economy that will emerge is still not clear, He said that the after the privatization of PTCL the number of Employees reduced from 72000 to 26,000 as well as thousand of workers from KESC has loses their jobs after the privatization of KESC.
Mrs Atia Saleem said that the Trade Union activities still banned in Pakistan Railways, Hospital Employees and Banks Employees even though the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced the removal of Ban on all Trade unions 4 years before.
Malik Munir Ahmad
President Pakistan Para Medical Staff Association  and Vice President (PLF) demanded the Government to announce the channel of Promotion of Para Medical Staff as approved by the Chief Minister Punjab. Muhammad Saleem Ch President Pakistan Construction Workers Union (PCWU) said that safety Rules should be strictly observed at workplace. Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate General Secretary Pakistan Graphic Arts workers Union and Legal Advisor (PLF) said that privatization is the mother on unemployment. He demanded to create jobs for the youth.

Mr Naveed Choudhry said that Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian has long History of struggle in the Trade Union movement and to Fight with the Employers and Government for the  Basic Rights of the workers  and exploitation free democratic Pakistan. He is also struggling for the human rights, and rights of workers, peasants, women and other marginalized and deprived sections of Pakistan. He said that due to his Trade Union Activities he was victimized by the General Javeed Ashraf Qazi and loose his job in 2000,he appreciated the working and struggle of Chairperson Mrs Atia Saleem for promoting empowerment of women in the workplace. He said that President of Pakistan has withdraw a Forcibly Ordinance 2000 (A Black Law against the Workers) withdraw Resolutions Passed Unanimously by the Participants.

PTCL and KESC workers should be reinstated with all back benefits and cases registered against them withdraw immediately. Trade Rights restored in Pakistan Railways, Banking and Hospital Employees and Reinstate the 150 Para Medical Staff  with out any further delay. We support the Wall Street protesters and their goal to reduce inequality and support every American's right to a decent job, health care, and retirement security.

We appeal to USA President Barak Obma to use his influence to stop the killing of  union leaders  in Colombia, and demanded the  Colombian Government to stop the violence against unionists. We appeal to the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreouís to accept the demands of the workers and stop the  plans to cut on wage bill by 20 per cent and put about 30,000 people in  redundancy and urging the Government to soften a reform removing restrictions on taxi licenses.

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General (PLF)


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