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(PLF) Rally on May Day From Loco Shed to Railway Station Lahore Headed by Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General and Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson


Mrs Bushra Malik Advisor to Governor Punjab.Ch Muhammad Yaqoob President Pakistan Workers Federation and Ch Nasim Iqbal also attended the Rally and said that May Day is the only event that transcends all divisions of religion, race, nationality or any other prejudice of the past amongst human beings. It is commemorated in all continents.

while addressing the Rally Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) said that 1st May has great significance in respect of workers' struggle in the history of mankind. He said that The workers movement which started for the batter wages, and working hours and better working conditions in Chicago has been emerged as prime voice against the capitalist system. And against the hegemony of imperial powers over under developed and developing countries. The workers movement against the capitalism in Europe and North American countries against the economic crisis and consequences of capitalist Globalization which is also one of the vital manifestation of growing angers among working Community. He said that in Pakistan workers movements in different sectors have been finished due to some Tripartite Blackmailer Labour Leaders and support the anti workers policies of the Government. The poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and retrenchment from jobs have been increased day by day and in all industries more than 95% worker don't have appointment letters, nor register with Social Security Scheme/old age benefits/pension and neither access to legal forums to get relieve in case of industrial dispute due to lack of valid prove of any relationship with establishment where she/he work.


Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson (PLF) said that Those Trade Union activists who are raising the voice against the victimization of the Workers the managements have been Registered the false case. with the help of the Police and event trial under Anti Terrorist Act and the example of this injustice in Faisalabad where Anti terrorist court convicted six power loom workers for 490 years imprisonment) and recent trial in Anti Terrorist Court of twelve power loom worker union representatives, six have been in jail in Karachi. She said that the casualization is emerging in the shape of informal sector where millions of workers involve in productivity but don't recognize as worker under Labour law so have no right to form union and other benefits/privileges reserved for the recognize worker. The peasantry, home based women workers are the worst form of vulnerable section of informal workers. She said that the situation which confronting the Labour movement is very alarming one. and Labour movement to deep into dark trenches from where to resurface again it would consume decade while on encouraging and optimistic side is that Labour movement has halted the fast pace of privatization process Muhammad Amnin Bhatti Said that the Appointment letter for very worker at the time of appointment and the Payment of salary or wages through bank account and Registration with Social Security, Old Age Benefits, workers' Welfare Board and other social security institutes and Right to form union in every establishment should make assure by the Government.


Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor (PLF) demanded that Implementation of Labour Laws in all Export Processing Zones (EPZ) immediately and the Minimum wage should be fixed Rs 25,000 per month He also demanded to stop the privatization and nationalization of all privatized entities and End of contract system any form including third party system. He also demanded that Regularization of all temporary, contractual and adhoc employees in all Government, public, private, organizations as directed by the Present Government Reorganization of agriculture workers, landless peasants and other informal sector workers recognize as worker in labour laws and cover them under all social security nets. Home base worker recognize as worker and extend all rights and social protections as envisaged in the law for other workers Mrs Shumlia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing (PTWF) the End of all kind of discrimination on the basis of cast, creed and religion and also End of all discrimination and hostility against women workers and making all effort to include the women workers in policy making bodies of unions and Federations. Mas Rizwana Yasmeen Advocate demanded the Stop the anti worker phenomena of implicating the Trade Union activist in false criminal case and their trial under dreaded Anti Terrorist Act.She demanded the Free education and health facilities to all and to abolish Feudalism and distribute land among landless peasants. While addressing the Rally Mrs Bushra Malik said that this year May Day falls at a time when the severe crises of capitalism have led to an unprecedented onslaught against the working classes of all countries. the economy was a disaster for the oppressed masses, the consequences of the monetarist model of free market economics have been preposterous. The policies of deregulation, privatization, restructuring, downsizing and liberalization have wreaked havoc on workers’ lives across the Globe May Day is commemorated in the memory of American workers martyred by the state in Chicago on May 1, 1886. They were in a demonstration demanding an eight-hour workday with white flags. When they reached the Hay Market, the police shot at them and their flags turned red, drenched in their blood. But the decision to commemorate this day as an international workers day was not taken by any Government or an international institution of the ruling classes. May Day is the only event that transcends all divisions of religion, race, nationality or any other prejudice of the past amongst human beings. It is commemorated in all continents, in every nook and corner of this planet, by the toilers. In an article in 1904, Lenin wrote on the significance of May Day:“Comrade workers! May Day is coming, the day workers of all lands celebrate. Their awakening to a class conscious life, their solidarity in the struggle against all coercion and oppression of man by man, the struggle to free the toiling millions from hunger, poverty and humiliation..Akbar Ali Khokhar, Rana Muhammad Akram Demanded to Stop the neo liberal economic agenda of imperialist countries and to end the policies of IMF, WB.Main Khalid Mahmood, Ch Muhammad Anwar Gujjur, Malik Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem Ch,Moaz Ahmad, Muhammad Tariq, Hamad Maqsood Gill, Baba Khadam Hussain, Naeem Shah also addressed the Rally.Long Live Workers Struggle

United we stand  Divided we fall

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General
Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)


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