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Greeting May Day

 Report about the Pakistan Labour Federation ( PLF) May Day
Rallies /Seminar on 1st May,2010

 Please find the May Day rallies report in all over the Country and National Seminar in Lahore Pakistan

The Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) big rally started from Federation Office to Lahore Press Club at 10.00 Clock, The Rally led by Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/ Secretary General and Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson. A large number of Workers from PLF Affiliated Trade Unions brought their own rallies to join PLF rally. They included Railway Workers Federation, All Pakistan Women Employees Welfare Association Pakistan Transport Workers Federation, Pakistan Metal Workers Federation, All Pakistan Textile Workers Federation, Pakistan Para Medical Staff Association and All Pakistan Educational Staff Association. The main slogans were against price hike and unemployment. The May Day celebration were all over Pakistan. P:LF  have been distributed posters and handbills  The main rally in Lahore will start from Federation Office at  10am. Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) has appealed to all the Trade Unions to join this rally that will end at Lahore Press Club where Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson and Founder/Secretary General PLF /WAWO Haji Muhammad Saeed Addressed the rally and  speak about the problems faced by working class.
Pakistan Transport Workers Federation (PTWF) started its rally from its Office Pak Nagar  at 9.30am to join the main rally of PLF. and all Affiliated  Trade Unions/Federation/Associations of PLF  participated in this rally

Another Workers meeting on May Day was held at  Railway Colony Karachi , organized by Pakistan Labour Federation Sindh province and addressed by Habib Ullha Khattak President Sindh province and Mrs Rohi Kasur President Women wing PLF  ,

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Rawalpindi  rally was led by Muhammad Rafique Butt President from CDL Shop to  Press Club Rawalpindi

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)Hyderabad: rally led by Nasar Banoori President and Mr Shahid Khan Secretary from PLF office  to Hyderabad Press Club

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Peshawar, rally led by President Khabar Pakhtoonkha Abdul Reman Afradi from Federation office to Railway Station Peshawar Cantt

A National Seminar on the eve the May Day was held at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan at 3.oo Clock organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) More than 300 participants from all over the country including 100 women’s were attended this Seminar.

Honouable Muhammad Afzal Sindhu State Minister for Railways presided the Seminar Excellency Syed Mumtaz Aklam Gallani Federal Minister for Human Rights was the Chief Guest.Mrs Sajada Mir Member Parliament,Ch Ghulam Abbas Ex Member Parliament,President PPP Lahore Ch Muhammad Asghar Gujjer also attended

While addressing the Seminar Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General welcomed the participants and Guests for their valuable participation and their practically solidarity with Workers, He said that The May Day is in the memory of the working classes in their fight to earn their due Rights. and the struggle of the workers for  eight-hour working day.. He said that  May Day has been recognised as a Global event celebrated as a symbol of the Rights and dignity of the working masses. The workers in Pakistan face even greater challenges as they greet May Day 2010 when a He said that the  workers in different  Departments in Government services  cannot unionise.  He demanded that  the Privatisation of PIA, Pakistan Steel, PASSCO, Pakistan Railways, Utility Stores should be stopped because it is against the manifesto of PPP and the  direct negative impact of privatization has been seen on working class. At least 600.000 workers have lost their jobs during the 15 years of privatisation. Most of the privatised Institutions  practice contract system with a scant respect for Labour law. On the other hand, despite conditions not favouring unions and working classes, there is an upsurge in Labour movement. Privatisation process has come to a halt. He welcomed the announcement regarding the RS 7000 as Minimum Wage. He demanded that the Workers Rights of formation of Trade Unions be restored in all organization.

Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson Said that  women workers are becoming more vocal and affirmative in their actions. First time in Pakistan she was elected as President of Pakistan Transport Workers Federation with active support of the Workers. She said that the women Wing of PLF organising working women. Demonstrations against contract Labour and privatisation., working hours, better wages, social security and above all dignity have become a daily occurrence across Pakistan at work places. She said that Employment of Children especially Girls as domestic workers is a common phenomenon in Pakistan

Ms Rizwana Yasmin Senior vice President said that due to poverty and unemployment most parents bring their children to the work and not to send them School

Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate President Youth Wing Legal Advisor PLF/WAWO said that Pakistan has signed and ratified United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child and also signed the ILO convention. He said that Pakistan also has a specific Law on Employment of Children Act (1999) which ban the child Labour under 14year of Age.

Muhammad Alam Vice President PLF and Patron of PTV CBA union demanded of the Government to take meaningful steps to implement the newly inserted Article 25 A in the 18th Amendment that assure Education to all Children between the Ages of 5 to 16

Muhammad Amin Bhatti Secretary PLF Punjab demanded the workers who had been sacked in the previous Army Government should be reinstated immediately

Muhammad Shraif President PLF Sukkur demanded that Privatization policy be reviewed

Syed Mumtaz Alam Gallani Federal Minister for Human Rights said that May Day was declared a public holiday by first PPP Government when Bhutto Government introduced a number of working class reforms. The two succeeding PPP Governments, headed by Mohtrama Benazir, proved distinctly anti-working class. Fourth and present PPP Government has completed two turbulent years in power. Unlike 1970s, present PPP leadership pay a lip service to Trade Union.. On taking oath, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani announced a minimum wage of Rs 6000 and today again announce Rs 7000 and for the compliance the Prime Minister order to pay this in Cheque not in cash. He said that the Workers are backbone of the Country and the present Government are striving to get them on their feet as the economic situation cannot improve without the whole heartedly cooperation of the workers. He said that the present Government which has come in power through votes of the Workers also accords the highest importance to the Workers. He assured the PLF that the Government would keep on striving to protect the workers Basic rights

Muhammad Afzal Sindhu State Minister for Railways said that it is essential to greet all Workers this great day of human history when heroes of Chicago laying down their lives set the foundations of liberty and freedom for all working communities of the world; but we should know that we have to take this sacred mission even forward as a lot more has to be done in Pakistan. He said that Over the years, May Day has been recognised as a Global event celebrated as a symbol of the Rights and Dignity of the working Community. He said that the workers in Pakistan face even greater challenges as they greet May Day 2010 .He said that Present Government had always ensured the Rights of the Workers. He appreciated the hard working of the Leaders of PLF and said that workers play a vital role in progress and development of Pakistan

Sh Muhammad Iqbal President PLF Punjab Mrs Saima Gul Khan President women Wing PLF Punjab,Malik Muhammad Latif President PLF Lahore,Mr Nasior siddque Chairman PLF Lahore,Mrs Shumalia Sadiqu Secretary women Wing PLF,Mrs Atia Sabar Senior vice chairperson,Nuhannad Nasar Vice President, also addressed the Seminar


(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General


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